Frederic Fuss
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  • Since I have discovered the art of aquascaping it has changed my life. This hobby lets me be creative and gives me a lot of peace and joy. I am working as a professional aquarium designer for 6 years now. I especially admire the work of Takashi Amano but also many other artists with their different styles. I like to try new things myself. It happens that I repeat myself because I set up many customer aquariums, but it quickly bores me to repeat something. I am not a particularly competitive aquascaper and feel more comfortable evaluating the work of others, which is why I have been part of many juries in the past and have tried very hard to do justice to the work. In addition, I have to promote the subject of aquarium equipment in my own way and try to bring different people together. I think together we can achieve a lot more and enjoy this hobby even better. Wishing everyone all the best and looking forward to meet you around somewhere!
2016-2019IIAC Judge
2019EHC - 3rd Place
AGA - Top 10
CIAC - 29th Place 
2015-2018NSHC Judge
2016-2018Miniswamps Judge
2016-2017WAC Judge 
2016AAC Judge 
2015Top Ten of Nano Category in AGA Contest
Rank 1 at EAPLC
2014Rank 4 at EAPLC 
2013Top 10 at GAPLC
Rank 3 at ASX2 Blog Fotocontest
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