Esther Mous
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  • Owner of Aquaflora and Aqvainnova. Two companies specialized in growing and trading high quality aquatic plants and finding innovative solutions for both traders and hobbyists.

    I was more or less born into the aquatic plants business. My father Dick Mous was one of world’s pioneers in the field of aquatic plants. He founded Aquaflora in 1965 and passed on his deep rooted passion for nature and travelling to me. From a young age I have been travelling the world visiting aquatic plant nurseries and meeting many passionate people. In 1996, after my study of communication and French, I started working for Aquaflora. I can truly say I have one of the nicest jobs in the world! The aquascaping trend has spiced up the aquarium hobby in such a nice way.

    I am fortunate to work with the most renown aquascapers in the world for my events and trade shows and I believe that aquascaping creates an immense synergy between people all over the world. Being surrounded by many nice aquaria with beautiful aquascapes I am impressed by the level of the first IIAC contest. I am very honored for being invited as a judge for the second IIAC and look forward to seeing many creative aquascapes!
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