Balbi Vaquero
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  • I dedicate myself to be fish keeper since I can remember, at 16 years old I started working in a pet store with a large section to aquariums until then was not too passionate about these animals but thereafter began my journey surrounded by fish

    It is impossible to be all day surrounded by these animals and not end up loving this hobby. In 2008 I discovered the fantastic world of aquascaping and since then my desire to learn to care for the plants grew, and my learning ability is infinite every day you learn new things, if want to do in this discipline you never know everything, it is the greatest of aquascaping with each set up you learn more and more.

    I am a lover of social networks and in my opinion these play an important role in the aquascaping breaking all boundaries and approaching people around the world, I made a lot of aquascapers friend around the world....actually I am a proud member of Aquascaping Spain and Nordic scapers two groups dedicated exclusively the Aquascaping.
    Currently I am working as Project Manager in Fish Corner a young company, with a main objective to bring the world of aquariums as many people as possible with different stores located throughout the Spanish geography. It is a new and inspiring project in which all the people around me feel the same as I was doing this fantastic world of fishkeeping.

    I love my job!
20162017IIAC Judge
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