Gary Wu
Gary Wu   Hong Kong       Facebook Back to list
  • Co-founder of Creative Aquascape Union 
  • Publisher of Book title: "Aquascape - A piece of Living Art" in English and Chinese version
2015-2017IIAC Judge
2015CBAP Brazilian Aquascaping Contest Judge
2014CBAP Brazilian Aquascaping Contest Judge
2013CBAP Judge
2012CBAP Judge
ROAPLC  Russian Open Aquatic Plants Layout Contest Judge
2011ASE International Aquascaping Contest Judge
Poland The Best Nature Aquarium's  Design Judge
2010IAPLC 20th place
ASE Judge
2009AGA (Extra Large) 3rd Place
France CAPA Judge
ASE Judge
2008AGA (Extra Large) 2nd Place 
2006China CNFISH Aquascape Contest 1st Place
2005AGA (Medium) 3rd Place
IAPLC 30th place
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